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Make your corporate move easier. We understand the importance of a smooth transition, which is why our team of dedicated movers are here to help. We put our expertise, efficiency and professionalism at your service to organise your corporate move.

Forget your checklist, put your trust in us !

Because we are a business ourselves, and because we know how delicate a business move can be, with the potential to destabilise both people and the organisation, we're the right partner for you. We understand the complexity of change; we know the difficulties of any transition. Because we face and resolve these issues on a daily basis, we are able to guarantee our services in terms of strategy, organisation, logistics and human engagement.

That's why we see ourselves as the attentive, discreet, efficient and organised partner you need to organise your company move in Geneva.

To keep your business running smoothly, it is up to you to define the precise constraints associated with your activities. And we'll be the ones to take them on. Whether your business employs four, forty or even four hundred people, whether it provides services, writes software or distributes fruit and vegetables. Or household appliances. All those 'ors' and 'ands' mean we'll take a specific, in-depth look at your business to make sure it's in the best possible hands.

Your day-to-day business is your livelihood; our livelihood lies in our ability to understand and devise the most appropriate solution to the intra-company cataclysm of organising a corporate move. And then implementing it.

On the basis of our commitment, we will work with you to define a corporate relocation project that meets the highest security criteria in terms of planning, confidentiality, transport and the safe installation of your (infra)structures. As far as cost control is concerned, this is guaranteed by our no-obligation quote, which we provide after studying your needs and proposing appropriate, calculated solutions.

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Company removals in Switzerland: why Balestrafic ?

You see, Balestrafic's success is based entirely on the fact that we focus our attention on the companies that have placed their trust in us.
For us, the client is not a number: he has a name. Our logistics are designed to understand your problems and adapt our solutions to your characteristics, your needs and your business relocation objectives.

What's more, the automation of administrative procedures and our large fleet of vehicles (almost sixty), adapted to the tasks at hand and meeting the strictest ecological criteria (which also aim to reduce cantonal and federal taxes as well as fuel costs), enable us to significantly reduce the cost of our services. And therefore the price of our services.

We'll also tell you about our road-rail transhipment platform, which allows us to offer you the most suitable means of transport for your needs. We'll show you around our transit hall in Carouge and our depot in Etoy. You'll see that we are fully equipped to meet your needs. Whether your company's entire move takes a week, a month or more, we can offer you solutions tailored to the duration and scope of your needs. We will listen to you and take into account the parameters you give us.

Together, we'll make your company's move a success, because we'll have understood the global dimension of your expectations, maximising (security, diligence, confidentiality) and minimising (costs, deadlines and risks).
Together, we'll make your company's move a success, because we'll have understood the global dimension of your expectations, maximising (security, diligence, confidentiality) and minimising (costs, deadlines and risks).

Balestrafic is your partner at all times, especially at times as delicate as a company relocation.

Solutions for every company

IT infrastructure move

We propose solutions to companies that need to transfer their IT infrastructure. Thanks to our 40 years of experience in company moves, we offer to manage the move of our clients’ IT infrastructure with our in-house IT specialists.

We execute the disconnection of the PCs as well as the packing of screens, keyboards, mouse and computer towers in hard plastic cases at the loading address. We also take care of the connection and re-cabling at the unloading address. In addition, to make sure everything is functioning properly, we will carry out visual controls such as:

  • Checking out if the computer turns on properly
  • Visual control of mouse, keyboard and screens performance
  • Printing tests to a printer of the network from each PCs

Once all these tests are executed and validated with your IT manager, the PCs will be operational for the first day of the staff in their new office.

In case you need help transferring your firm’s servers, we execute a partnership with a specialized company which will ensure the safety of your data (and the transfer of it) in best conditions. With our partners we propose the following services:

  • Meeting in order to agree on the transfer protocol and plan the transfer of your server
  • Handling and conditioning of the servers in padded, sealed and antistatic crates.
  • Transport in a secured vehicle (equipped with a GPS ship and sealed)
  • Setting up the servers in IT racks

Feel free to contact us for requesting a proposition free of charge and without obligation. We will be glad to provide you with an offer.

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Planning and Organization of Companies Move

Besides our historic operational activities, we propose a consulting service for companies aiming to relocate their offices, sheds or production centers. After many experiences as planner and organizer of moves for big organizations (from 120 employees to 800 employees), we know how fastidious and costly is for firms to internalize the organization of such an event.

That’s why we propose our services to companies in order to facilitate the organization and the planning of their moves:

Before the move:

  • Inventory of the existing office furniture within the company
  • Establishment of needs for additional furniture
  • Creation of layout with furniture and employees names
  • Preparation of order for extra office furniture (if necessary)
  • Planning of moving phases in collaboration with staff of the organization
  • Creation of labels and labeling of furniture to move
  • Floor marking of office spaces where furniture and employees have to be moved
  • Set up of proper signs in the new office for signaling positions of furniture and employees

During the move :

  • Planning with the moving companies of the different phases of the move
  • Management and follow up of the moves on a daily basis
  • Quality control of the move services

Feel free to contact us for requesting a proposition free of charge and without obligation. We will be glad to provide you with an offer.

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