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Discover our handy moving guide, a comprehensive resource to help you every step of the way.
Whether you're a newbie or an experienced mover, you can also consult our FAQs to answer all your questions and make your transition to your new home or workplace easier.

Moving ? Leave it to the professionals !

Free quote

In response to a simple telephone call, a specialist will come to your home to estimate the volume to be moved and to establish an offer, without the need for you to make any commitment.

Provision of packing materials

We provide you with cases and boxes which we will recover free of charge once you have finished moving in. Wardrobe boxes for your clothes and special packages for your wine collection are at your disposal.

To simplify loading and unloading, we will take care of setting up provisional no parking signs in front of buildings.
Technical assistance
If necessary, we will dismantle the biggest pieces of furniture (cupboards, wardrobes) and we take responsibility for re-assembly and installation in your new home, according to your instructions.
If you accept our offer for complementary insurance, we can offer you fully comprehensive insurance cover.
Extended Service
If you like, we will also take care of packing and unpacking your possessions.
Furniture store
Every member of AGED has a furniture store available where your furniture can be kept safe under the best possible conditions.
Guarantee of quality
The teams of movers of the members of AGED are qualified professionals who know their job. Their vehicles are padded and provided with straps and covers to protect your property and effect transportation under the best conditions.

Simplify your move: get organised.

Take advantage of the move to sort through your things. Clothes, objects and furniture in good condition are accepted by the Centre social protestant (Tel. +41 22 807 07 00), the Emmaüs community (Tel. +41 22 301 57 57) and Caritas (Tel +41 22 708 04 44). Give them enough advance notice. For large objects or objects of no further use, contact the municipal dump of your commune.
Cleaning and repairs
Take clothes to be cleaned and shoes to be repaired in before leaving, so that you can pick them up after the move.
Take this opportunity to have minor repairs done to furniture or household appliances.
Have purchases for the new apartment delivered directly to the new address.
As far as possible, have the carpets put down and have any other work done before you move in.
Plan of the apartment
Prepare a plan of your new accommodation and work out how you will install your things. Measure the windows and you will be able to prepare the curtains.
Put stickers of different colors on the boxes and items of furniture depending on the rooms where you will be putting them. On moving day, you can mark the doors of your new place with the same colors.
Pack in advance
Things you don’t use every day can be packed up in advance: especially things from the cellar or the attic.
Remember to change your business cards, stamps, headed paper and envelopes.

Announce your change of address

The housing administration should consent to your departure by registered letter

In the canton of Geneva, the cancellation of a lease for housing should in principle be done three months in advance. The administration will accept a delay of two months if you present a person who can take over the lease after you.
If apartments are scare, it is possible that your administration will consent to an arrangement over a shorter period.

For commercial premises, leases must be cancelled for the next due date, in principle six months in advance.
Under all circumstances, you will remain responsible for paying your rent as well as the obligations arising from your lease until the administration issues the authorization to quit.


Swisscom AG
Esplanade de Pont-Rouge 4
1212 Grand-Lancy

Free Number : 0800 800 800


The Post Office of your area
By filling in a form at the counter, 7 days in advance.
Services industriels de Genève (SIG)
Changes of address
1219 Le Lignon

Tel. Subscribers Centre: 0844 800 808
By telephone, 3 days in advance.
Service des automobiles et de la navigation

86, route de Veyrier
1227 Carouge

Téléphone: +41 22 388 30 30

Site web

Presenting yourself at the counters or in writing, sending the documents to be modified (driving license with a passport photo) within the 14 days following your move.

Office cantonal de la population
88, route de Chancy
1213 Onex
CP 2652 - 1211 Genève 2

Telephone: +41 22 546 46 46

Presenting yourself at the counters or in writing, sending as necessary the license or attestation to be modified within the 30 days following your move.
Administration militaire
Service de l’arrondissement,
Quai Ernest-Ansermet 18 bis
1211 Genève 4

Téléphone: 022 327 41 11

In writing, sending your livret de service. If you change canton, make sure to declare the change to both Departments in question.
Service cantonal de la Protection civile
In writing, sending your livret de service. If you change canton, make sure you declare the change to both cantonal Services in question.
At the counter:
Rue des Rois 13
1204 Genève

By post:
Service d’incendie et de secours
Rue du Vieux-Billard 11
1205 Genève

Tel: 022 418 71 81 - Fax: 022 418 71 82
Guichet universel

Guichet universel
Service Suisse - CP 51
1211 Genève 8

If you are moving inside the canton of Geneva, you can simply send or take in person to the Guichet universel, all the documents to be modified concerning:
- the Office cantonal de la population
- the Département militaire
- the Service de protection civile
- and the Service des automobiles et de la navigation

Registre du commerce
4, rue du Puits-St-Pierre
Case postale 1211 Genève 3

Téléphone: 022 546 88 60

Companies, by letter.
"Société anonyme" companies, in writing, as long as there is no change of commune.
  • Your employer
    You have the right to a day off work.
  • Your health insurance (caisse maladie)
  • Your insurance company
  • The newspapers you subscribe to
  • Your bank
  • Schools or educational bodies
  • Your clubs and associations
  • Your family and friends
  • Your clients and business partners
  • Pre-printed cards are available at post offices.
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