Furniture storage

Are you looking for furniture storage in Geneva? Balestrafic can store your furniture while you renovate your home or wait to move in.

Container storage: a safe for your valuables

We also offer flexible solutions, from storage containers to boxes, for storing the small and large items that are cluttering up your basement.

While we offer storage for individuals, we also have solutions for businesses. For example, if your company needs a storage container for its archives or goods, we can also provide stock management solutions. Our furniture storage consists of steel containers that meet the latest ISO9001 standards and are stored in a secure hall. Container storage offers the advantage of optimum humidity for furniture storage, as well as effective protection against dust and pests.

We also have free space in Geneva for storing goods that cannot be stored in containers.

In short, Balestrafic is also a furniture storage service in Geneva.

  • Three warehouses and more than 1,000 ISO containers are at your disposal.
  • Under electronic alarm and video surveillance, we offer you a real safe for the storage of your furniture in Geneva.
  • No dust, no humidity, no insects: your furniture and archives are treated with the utmost care.
  • You can rest assured that Balestrafic is protecting your valuables.
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