Rely on our transport expertise for a smooth move.
With a modern fleet and secure transport methods, we ensure your belongings are protected every step of the way. Choose peace of mind with our bespoke transport solutions.

Custom-made, anytime, anywhere

An in-house delivery service is expensive, even if it is just a driver and a van. What's more, in addition to the unavoidable and incompressible costs (salary, taxes, fuel, vehicle maintenance), there are the vagaries of planning, the weather, the risk of accidents and setbacks.

Although Balestrafic Transport cannot influence the vagaries of weather and fate, we do know the solutions to every type of problem that may arise, simply because this has been our business for thirty years, simply because we have dedicated this time to optimising our services in order to offer our customers a transport and delivery service that is always safer and more advantageous than an integrated department.

To convince you of this, it won't cost you anything other than the time you are prepared to spend with us so that we can study and understand the characteristics of your business and your needs.

Whether you're distributing flowers or pencils, the mode of transport is not the same. Similarly, the frequency, volume, weight and timing of your deliveries are criteria we need to know in order to offer you a tailored, efficient and cost-effective service. Take the time to talk to us and let us show you how important it is to entrust us with the transport of your goods and merchandise.

Our eighty employees will do their utmost to serve your corporate image with the skill and care for which Balestrafic Transport is renowned. A reputation that is well known in Switzerland and abroad: Our lorries have become symbols of safety and professionalism. Who can say that this has happened by chance?


Your partner in uncompromising transport.

Chance is not in our vocabulary, nor are the words 'didn't know', 'shouldn't have', 'couldn't have' or 'not impossible'. We know what a company is because we are one.

Respect for deadlines, precise and methodical delivery of goods, cost control, courtesy, interpersonal skills, courage and a love of a job well done are the inalienable conditions of our daily commitment.

We offer solutions, we provide answers and, if necessary, we move mountains to deliver on our promises. It's neither surprising nor deserved: it's how we justify and defend our position as number one in the transport industry every day. Let's talk about it, and especially about your needs. You'll see that we take a keen interest in our customers. Today, we are the preferred, invaluable and essential partner of more than three hundred companies. Once again, this is no coincidence.

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