Moving? What should you look out for ?

The housing administration should consent to your departure by registered letter

In the canton of Geneva, the cancellation of a lease for housing should in principle be done three months in advance. The administration will accept a delay of two months if you present a person who can take over the lease after you.
If apartments are scare, it is possible that your administration will consent to an arrangement over
a shorter period.

For commercial premises, leases must be cancelled for the next due date, in principle six
months in advance.
Under all circumstances, you will remain responsible for paying your rent as well as the obligations arising from your lease until the administration issues the authorization to quit.

Swisscom (SA)

49, route de Meyrin
Case postale
1211 Genève 2

Free Number: 0800 800 1 13

In writing, 15 days in advance.

The Post Office of your area

By filling in a form at the counter, 7 days in advance.

Services industriels de Genève (SIG)

Changes of address
1219 Le Lignon

Tel. Subscribers Centre: 022 420 88 88
By telephone, 3 days in advance.

Services des automobiles et de la navigation

86, route de Veyrier
1227 Carouge

Telephone: 022 343 02 00

Presenting yourself at the counters or in writing, sending the documents to be modified (driving license with a passport photo) within the 14 days following your move.

Office cantonal de la population

88, route de Chancy
1213 Onex
CP 2652 - 1211 Genève 2

Telephone: 022 327 41 11

Presenting yourself at the counters or in writing, sending as necessary the license or attestation to be modified within the 30 days following your move.

Administration militaire

Service de l’arrondissement,
Quai Ernest-Ansermet 18 bis
1211 Genève 4

Telephone: 022 327 77 80

In writing, sending your livret de service. If you change canton, make sure to declare the change to both Departments in question.

Service cantonal de la Protection civile

4, chemin du Stand
Case postale
1233 Bernex

Telephone: 022 727 02 04

In writing, sending your livret de service. If you change canton, make sure you declare the change to both cantonal Services in question.

Guichet universel

If you are from Geneva or the Swiss Confederation:

Service Confédérés
Rue David-Dufour 1 (2nd floor)

If you are coming from another country:

Service des étrangers
Rue David-Dufour 3 (ground floor)

Guichet universel

Case postale 51
1211 Genève 8

If you are moving inside the canton of Geneva, you can simply send or take in person to the Guichet universel, all the documents to be modified concerning:

- the Office cantonal de la population
- the Département militaire
- the Service de protection civile
- and the Service des automobiles et de la navigation

or :

Registre du commerce


4, rue du Puits-St-Pierre
Case postale 1211 Genève 3

Telephone : 022 327 28 92
Companies, by letter.
‘Société anonyme’ companies, in writing, as long as there is no change of commune.


Your employer
You have the right to a day off work.

Your health insurance (caisse maladie)
Your insurance company
The newspapers you subscribe to
Your bank
Schools or educational bodies
Your clubs and associations
Your family and friends
Your clients and business partners

Pre-printed cards are available at post offices.


Practical information

The practical manual of the moving industry!

This brochure aims to help people who want to move to think about all the paperwork you have to do.

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